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Griha Pravesh
House Warming Pooja
Bride Griha Pravesh Pooja

Griha Pravesh services:-

Griha Pravesh is of Two types i.e,

  • House Warming Pooja
  • Bride Griha Pravesh

Pandit for vastu shanti puja in mumbai.

Always keep in mind the Date, Day for home entry, The date and time of entry is mandatory. For that you can take help of learned Brahmin Who guides you properly and does his religious pooja and complete the entrance of the house
As per the guidance of Brahmin always hang flowers or mango leaves to the door for positive energy reflection of your house early in the morning. The house should be decorated with flower petals and rangoli place their a kalash by making a swastika towards facing the door and light a diya on that kalash family members should come together and perform a religious vastu yajna according to the instructions given by panditji. After the yajna enter the house with worship of God but the first worship starts from kitchen itself owner should chant the name of God and pray to the god for good health and wealth. And distribute the prasad made for puja

Basically Grihapravesh and vastu shanti is performed for wellness of house and it is been protect from any other illness or any type of natural calamities, Please contact Panditji for grihapravesh religious pooja in mumbai.

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