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Havan Services

Vedic pandit for puja, Havan, Sanskar services

We guide you with cultural and religious need with our well-experience vedic pandit for havan in mumbai with puja samagri in reasonable rate and hassle free services. This is a very easy way to find our location here with experienced Panditji for havan in mumbai. We provide from us to you a vedic Panditji for grihapravesh puja in mumbai at very reasonable dakshina. you can call us on our mobile no/Quick enquiries, will be guide as per T&C about the exact nature of services available with us. We also have specialisation in religious house warming puja at your place of convenience. Our Arya samaj Panditji provides you a well-experienced vedic pandit for havan in mumbai

We also provides you a specialised pandit for different types of religious puja. i.e, Namkaran puja, Mundan puja, Birthday celebration, Janeu ( Threading ceremony)puja, Vastu shanti puja, New Business opening ceremony, Tilak ceremony Etc
Vedic panditji In mumbai provides you best online Booking services. We provide vedic panditji all over Mumbai, Maharashtra. In very reasonable dakshina

How & Why Havan held?

Is the term for a sacred purifying ritual in Hinduism that involves a fire ceremony. It is a ritual of sacrifice made to the fire god Agni. After lighting a Havan kund( Sacrificial fire) objects such as, Fruits, honey or wooden goods are put into the sacred fire, if there are any spirits that are evil around you or even inside you they get burned off in the sacred fire. It is believed that this sacrifice will bring health, happiness, luck and prosperity.

Person doing havan should sit on the south(facing north) and head of household should sit in the west facing east. Other attendees can sit anywhere. Put some water in the bowls and some samagri in the 3 plates for attendees use during the havan. The 4th is the main plate used below. Set up the diya by putting some ghee and cotton wick in it. Put some halwa( or other sweet stuff) in plate.

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