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The last rite Antim sanskar process of the Arya samaj consists of four days, and the Agni Sanskar of the dead body is done by the vedic rites on the first day.

On the second and third days, shanti havan is performed at 4 to 6pm. Here ,the family members make offerings and pray for the shanti, Sadgati and mukti of the divine soul.

Panditji offers sacrifices in Havan to the divine mantras from the Vedas. So these mantras and offerings are in fact a prayer for the peace and liberation of the divine spirit. And this entire process lasts for 4 days and Brahmin bhojan also happens on this day.

What about the requirements for the antim sanskar vidhi by arya samaj?

When you book an Arya samaj Last Rites Mumbai for Last rites, Antim sanskar, Vedic Antyesti sanskar, Shuddhi havan, we will provide you with a list of required materials, so you can get them while the panditji will arrange for the rest of the samagris.

According to Hindu vidhis, there are two alternatives of performing the last rituals, Vedic and purans.

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